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Musing Our Children Activity Center
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Welcome to the Musing Our Children Teachers Activity Center


Welcome to our Teachers Center where you'll find a variety of activities to muse your students.
As the wise owl always says, "There's only a good book to read if there is someone to write it." So let's band together and make sure our children not only enjoy reading but also enjoy writing their own tales.


*NEW   Activity Pad from offers you loads of free printables to offer to your students. From paint by numbers, mazes, to word searches, you'll find activities to keep your classroom occupied with fun stuff.

*NEW  The Learning Page:  Learning Page provides a huge collection of professionally produced instructional materials you can download and print. Lesson plans, books, worksheets, and much more can be found here. Sign up to get all this and more for free!

Here's a neat site to make your own puzzle, print it off, then offer it to your students.

This site is just the right area to have stories written by your students published. And more than that, there are great children stories for you to print and read to your classroom.


The Musing Book Reviews for Kids.
Teachers, here's an opportunity to begin your school year with a project where students will be encouraged to read and write, with no set deadlines, no particular books in mind...just mention to them they have their very own club to publish their writing.
The Musing Book Reviews welcomes reviews by students/children up to the ages of seventeen to submit reviews of books they've read.
What the Musing Reviews by Kids Club offers to a student:
  • offers them a site to publish their thoughts on books they've read
  • encourages them to read
  • teachers can use the Musing Reviews by Kids Club as a classroom project to read the same book then everyone can send in their reviews on that same book
  • encourages not only reading but writing, as well.
  • a downloadable Musing Reviews by Kids Club membership card to print and give to each child in your classroom


Our guidelines are quite simple and we'd love to have your students/classroom participating all year round. This will not only encourage them to read, but to write and read their published reviews online on a safe website.

We need you to help them send me the following:

  1. their first name
  2. their age and grade level
  3. city and country
  4. the title and author of the book read
  5. their review within the body of the email - couldn't have a review site without reviews. :)
  6. email it to:  with MUSE KIDS REVIEWS on the subject heading.

If you will be conducting a group project with your students to read the same book, then send us your name and school's name along with the above, and we'll set up a webpage just for your classroom to showcase to one and all.

Looking forward to your classroom's reviews.


Get involved in our Reading and Writing Appreciation Project
Affiliated with The Musing Our Children Reading and Writing Appreciation Week, The Muse Online Writers Conference, Apollo's Junior Muses-an eZine dedicated in publishing stories from children up to the age of seventeen, Stories for Children Magazine  -a free
monthly online magazine for kids ages 3-12.
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