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Musing Our Children Activity Center
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For Kids

Welcome to the Musing Our Childrens Activity Center

Welcome, welcome. We're so excited to have you with us. Below you'll find lots of links to keep you busy.

*NEW  Do you love numbers? Well, how about SUDOKU? Found a site you'll love filled with Sudoku games and more. The World Almanac for Kids.


*NEW  I love dogs. This site is packed with cool info and pics and other neat stuff to explore...all about dogs. Link on the doggies.

FUNOLOGY also known as ABRACADABRA: This site is loaded with games, puzzles, and  tons more of cool stuff to explore.


The Kingdom of Dinosaur Pen N. Paper suitable for the very young up to middle grade.

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Get involved in our Reading and Writing Appreciation Project
Affiliated with The Musing Our Children Reading and Writing Appreciation Week, The Muse Online Writers Conference, Apollo's Junior Muses-an eZine dedicated in publishing stories from children up to the age of seventeen, Stories for Children Magazine  -a free
monthly online magazine for kids ages 3-12.
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