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Musing Our Children Activity Center
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The Kingdom of Dinosaur Pen N. Paper


There once was a dinosaur...
who loved to tell stories. Everyone loved his stories but asked him to please write them down so they can keep them for ever and ever.


He thought and thought really hard...
and realized how right they were! So out came his trusted pen and most faithful paper and off he went to write his stories.

But...but...he couldn't write! He had so many stories in his head he needed help. So out of his kingdom did he step to find a child or two to help him write down a few stories to tell.

Will you help the smiling dinosaur in his quest to write stories? Can you help him with just one?

Your very own Writing Stories Ideas to help our smiling dinosaur complete his quest. Once you write your story make sure to share it with your parents and teachers. You can even send it to me, Lea, and I'll be happy to publish it in our very own Apollo's Junior Muses website. You'll join the other students who have sent us their wonderful stories.

Our smiling dinosaur's first story he remembers was about  noises, like BANG went the door, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP went the old man's cane on the staircase.
Can you come up with your own story using different sounds? If you're too young to write long sentences, then draw the pictures and write the words.
What you will need to complete this book:
white paper
a pencil in case you need to erase
crayons or colored pencils
the help of a parent or teacher to punch three holes in your pages
and some ribbon.
Once the book is finished, weave the ribbon in and out and then tie it. Presto, you have your very own book. Make sure to sign it.
Oh, don't forget to draw a nice cover to go with your book. All books have covers.
Have fun on this quest with our smiling dinosaur.

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