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Musing Our Children Activity Center
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Mr. Reese's Story Corner


Hello. I am so glad you dropped by.
My name is Mr. Reese and I'm a storyteller just like Dinosaur Pen N. Page.
What is a storyteller? It's a person, it can be a girl or boy, who loves to entertain people using his or her imagination.
This month I'm writing a story about a little girl who likes to play jokes on her friend until she gets hurt. The story is called "No Yelling!"
Come back and see if my story is ready to be read.
Mr. Reese
NOTE to teachers and parents: NO YELLING is a cute story to read with your students/child and discuss the meaning of friendship with them. I'd be happy to hear back from you on what the student's/child's impressions were on the story and what they think friendship means.
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