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Musing Our Children Activity Center
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Throughout our Activity Center you'll find fun resources, activities and downloads for you to enjoy. We are still in the beginning stages of constructing this site so please bookmark us and come back often to see what we have in store for you.


 Our goals are to offer children, teachers, and parents a safe environment for everyone to enjoy and along the way to benefit from our mission:
Offering children the opportunity to learn about the pleasures of reading and writing.



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The Musing our Children

Mission Statement

As parents, teachers, and writers we need to band together and offer our young muses the advantages and understanding that reading and writing has to offer. The more people involved the better our chances in reaching a wider circle of children.
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Get involved in our Reading and Writing Appreciation Project
Affiliated with The Musing Our Children Reading and Writing Appreciation Week, The Muse Online Writers Conference, Apollo's Junior Muses-an eZine dedicated in publishing stories from children up to the age of seventeen, Stories for Children Magazine  -a free
monthly online magazine for kids ages 3-12.
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